Eugine Dychko: 11 simple post ideas to skyrocket your social media activity

Un guest post di Eugine Dychko

Crello è un editor visuale creato da Depositphotos. Permette di creare immagini per i social media, banner pubblicitari, poster, intestazioni di e-mail e altri formati popolari.

Eugine Dychko è marketing manager presso Crello. Ha 7 anni di esperienza nel marketing e nella scrittura di contenuti, una forte conoscenza delle tecniche social media e una vera passione per le ultime tendenze dell’industria visiva e della pubblicità online.

Quello che stai per leggere è il suo guest post in lingua originale, in cui ci propone alcuni semplici consigli per migliorare l’attività sui social. Buona lettura 🙂

11 Simple Post Ideas to Skyrocket Your Social Media Activity

Social media platforms have developed into some the most successful marketing spaces. Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic (Blue Corona).

In order for social media managers, entrepreneurs, and marketers to persevere, consistency is key. Engaging with your audience on a daily basis may seem time consuming, but there are simple, yet effective post ideas that will resonate with your users.

1. Industry related quotes

Sharing words of wisdom with your audience is an easy post that can become a weekly habit. Quotes from leaders that relate to your industry and target audience will be of importance to your following. When you post motivational content or an humorous image users can relate to, they become more inclined to share it with others.

2. Your product in use

If you have been tagged in social media posts that feature your brand or product, you can repurpose that content and post it on your other social media pages. GoPro is an example of a brand doing it right; they post user photographs that have been captured with their products. When you acknowledge your audience, it builds customer relationships, increases engagement, and your reach.

3. Animated Images/GIFs

Animated images are blowing up on social media and that’s a perfect reason to be using them. GIFs are innovative posts that will excite your following, resulting in a lot of shares and exposure. Online editors like Crello provide a variety of GIFs that can be downloaded and shared with your audience.

4. Polls

Creating polls on social media is the perfect way to receive customer feedback. Get input on any decisions you’re planning to make, or learn more about user preferences. This post idea will be of great help in building stronger customer relationships. Tribe Hummus diversifies their posts by using polls; they receive statistics on which product consumers prefer and use it to an advantage.

5. Celebrate obscure holidays

Apart from well known holidays, you can celebrate small ones with your audience by creating celebratory posts. This idea is successful at building customer relationships by showing them you care. It increases social media reach by informing users about obscure holidays, which they will be sure to share with others. Skype celebrates presidents day by editing their logo into George Washington and congratulating their fans.

6. Contests

Contests are simple, yet efficient ways to grab your audience’s attention. Host small competitions and offer a reward for the best photo submission. Consider asking users to design new content for your business and feature the winning design. Starbucks is a brand that asks customers to design their own cup. The winning design then becomes available for purchase in stores! This method is the perfect way to build customer relationships and gain exposure.

7. Share content

If you have a blog, share something you have previously written. You can do this to show readers the type of content you’re creating and to increase awareness about your brand. If you’re mentioned in written content, why not share that as well? It will positively impact your audience’s perception of you. Online editor Crello shares blog posts that will interest and help their audience.

8. Reviews

Customer reviews can be posted for daily social media activity. The reviews can be in picture or text format. This is an easy post idea and a great way to grow in numbers. Brands like Banish utilize this method to an advantage on social media. They post before and after images of their clients using their product to combat acne scars. This way, they interact with current users, while new users gain interest in the product.

9. Giveaway

Giveaways are gaining popularity on social media based on their effectiveness. Create a post to inform the audience they could win a free product or service by following you, commenting, or sharing the post. The idea of winning will make users more inclined to repost. Birchbox is gaining popularity on social media with their frequent giveaways. Followers just can’t help it; the offers are too good.

10. Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photographs will provide an insider’s perspective for the users. Posting never before seen content will gain customer trust. Behind the scenes images can be taken at any time, making them an effective and easy post idea. Brands tend to post behind the scenes images that don’t take place at their work space; customers feel a stronger attachment to the brand as they are being carried along on social media.

11. Sneak peek

Tease the audience with exclusive information and visuals. Be mysterious, give a hint, and get people excited; you’ll be receiving all the attention. Macy’s created a black friday sneak peek page for their followers using pinterest. This post idea gave their following a taste and left them wanting more.

There are numerous quick and efficient ways to stay active on social media. With helpful tools and a few good ideas for posts, you can develop a strategy that is both effective in terms of brand awareness and increases engagement from your target audience.

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